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Mentawai Islands are notorious surfing site that attracts thousands of professional surfers to enjoy the great waves. The fierce waves combined with panoramic view make a great composition to enjoy the islands. To get the best out of it, many surfers decide to join Mentawai surf camp. There are plenty of surf camps that offer amazing surfing experience, cozy accommodation and amenities.

Coming as a stranger, you might have no idea which surf camp is good for you. While most of them look so great on ads, you need one that suits your preferences. You are so lucky for coming to the right page. We have shortlisted the best surf camps in the islands that will meet your need. Let’s get to know more the recommended surf camps in Mentawai!

5 Recommended Mentawai Surf Camp Sites

When it comes to choosing the best surf camp, there are lots of things to consider. Some people may consider their budgets while some others put service into priority. As choosing the right surf camp can be very personal, here we provide you with 5 recommended surf camps that can be opted based on your preferences. Check this out!

1. Crystal Clear Surf Charters

Experience a luxurious surf holiday in Mentawai with Crystal Clear Surf Charters. They will take you to explore a number of islands such as Nias, Telo Islands, Mentawai Islands, Banyak Islands, and many others. But most of all, they will take you to amazingly famous surf destinations with mesmerizing view and incredible waves.

During the trip, they will get you on a custom built catamaran which gives you a new experience of exploring the ocean. The stable boat gives you amazing journey and unforgettable experience you cannot find anywhere else.
Crystal Clear Surf Charters offers you a 10-day package with awesome surfing sessions and onboard amenities.

The package includes foods and drinks during the journey, catamaran, and airport transfer. Professional instructor will hold a team meeting and explain some options that the group can choose. After making a plan, you can enjoy the trip and get a new experience.

2. Hidden Bay Resort Mentawai Surf Camp

Are you looking for a surf camp that gives a chance for beginners to join the surfing session? The Hidden Bay Resort Mentawai is a great choice to go. This surf camp categorizes the surfers based on their skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can enjoy the best surf trip with unforgettable experience.

The Hidden Bay Resort Mentawai offers 2 surf sessions per day. Two times a day, a speedboat will take you to popular surfing sites according to your surfing skill. You will be guided by professional instructors that make sure everything is safe. Thus, you can enjoy the camp at its fullest and go home with the best surfing experience.

During the 7-day surfing trip, you will get nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. In addition, you can also enjoy coffee, tea, drinking water, and snacks for free. Interestingly, the Hidden Bay Resort Mentawai also provides package for non-surfers that include hiking, massages, snorkeling, photography courses, and other fun activities.

3. Kingfisher Mentawai Surf Camp and Resort

Enjoy the ultimate surfing experience with Kingfisher Mentawai Resort. This surf camp lets you feel the sensation of riding the waves according to your skill level, starting from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. Not only does it give you amazing experience of surfing, the camp also provides you with cozy accommodation and amenities.

The Kingfisher Mentawai Resort offers daily surf excursions. Their speedboat will take you to popular surfing spots with the best waves. If you are a beginner, professional coach and instructor will be ready help you ride the waves according to your skill levels. Your safety becomes a priority, so you can trust the professional instructors and follow what they say.

During the 7 day surf camp, you will get 3 big meals with snacks each day. You can also enjoy tea, coffee, and drinking water in the resort. Feel free to use their facilities such as bikes and snorkeling equipment to make your camp more amazing.

4. Beng Bengs Surf Camp

Are you a professional surfer who needs a challenging surfing experience? Beng Bengs Surf Camp is an option to take into account. This surf camp offers you the best surf spots with the best waves in the world. Offering a 12-day package, Beng Bengs Surf Camp will make your dream come true in this surfer’s paradise on Earth.

They will take you to the beautiful and pristine Nyang Nyang Island around Mentawai. There, you will catch the best waves for amazing surfing experience. Beng Bengs offers twice surfing boat trips each day, with professional surf guide who is ready to be your best partner. In addition, you can experience a roundtrip to Siberut on a fast boat.

During the surf camp, you will get healthy and various meals 3 times a day. You can also enjoy drinking water, tea, and coffee as desired. The resort allows you to use snorkeling equipment to spend your time between surfing sessions.

5. Kandui Villas

The combination of luxury holiday and amazing surfing experience is here! Kandui Villas is a great surf camp that will take you to the best surf spots to make your dream come true. Offering high-standard holiday, you can come along with your family or friends. No need to worry about your surfing skills as Kandui Villas serves three skill levels starting from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Kandui Villas offer 11 days luxury surf camp that will give you exciting surfing moment. During the camp, you will get surf sessions, welcome drinks, speedboat transfer, and 3 gourmet meals each day. They will also take you to see traditional Mentawai shaman ceremony.

So, which Mentawai surf camp suits you best? Now that you know recommended options for the best surf camp, it’s time to make your own decision. Consider your surf skill level and budget before enrolling yourself to a certain camp. What are you waiting for? Book a flight and make a reservation and enjoy your time in surf paradise!

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