West Sumatera Tourism: Amazing Places You Shouldn’t Miss

west sumatera tourism

Despite West Sumatera is not as renowned as Bali, there is a longstanding list of adventurous activities to do in this place. Indonesia’s West Sumatera is home to natural beauty that lets you see Indonesia from a different perspective. West Sumatera tourism includes cultural as well as natural attractions that range from beaches, volcanoes, and lush jungles.

If you have never been there, you don’t need to worry about the access. West Sumatera is a large province, in which an international airport can make your travel much easier. You can make a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, or Bali to Minangkabau International Airport. From the airport, you can visit any tourist destination that you desire.

West Sumatera Tourism: Places to Visit

Before booking a flight to West Sumatera, surely you need to know what places to visit and what attractions it has. Being the part of Indonesia’s largest island, West Sumatera is bestowed with wonderful natural beauty. Not to mention its distinct culture that makes you fall in love with the province. Check out the following places to give you a new perspective about Indonesia’s West Sumatera.

1. The Best Tourism Place in West Sumatera: Harau Valley

If you want to escape from the city crowd, head for Harau Valley. The verdant valley offers mesmerizing view with waterfalls and paddy field, a sanctuary that you really need to unwind. This place is only two hours away from Bukittinggi. You can rent a motorbike and drive on your own for more adventures.
There are many things that you can do in Harau Valley. You can enjoy the waterfalls’ cold water or see the picturesque view of paddy field. If you need some challenge, the steep cliffs are there to give yourself an adrenaline spike.

2. Lawang Adventure Park

Be sure to enlist Lawang Park to your itinerary. You can witness the scenic turquoise Lake Maninjau from altitude. There are also sugar cane plantations and mountains that accentuate exotic feeling. If you are fond of sunset, Lawang Park has a perfect spot that you shouldn’t miss.

Amazingly, you can also visit fruit garden that is located within Lawang Park. There are strawberries, oranges, and apples that can be enjoyed fresh from the tree. Surely, this experience will make your journey count.

3. Kawasan 1000 Rumah Gadang

The bull-horned house, or local people name it Rumah Gadang, is West Sumatera’s traditional house. It is characterized by its bull horn rooftops that distinguish the architecture from other houses in the country. Kawasan 1000 Rumah Gadang is a small area where you can find a lot of Rumah Gadang in beautiful and peaceful circumstances.

If you are lucky, you can witness traditional dances and local customs of the indigenous. Kawasan 1000 Rumah Gadang is around 3 to 4 hour-drive of Padang. You can take Jalan Utama Solok to reach this place. There are many big signs to help you keep on track.

4. Jam Gadang Bukittingi

West Sumatera has an iconic landmark known as Jam Gadang. Located in Bukittinggi, this clock tower is a historical building that is well-preserved by the local government. History noted that Jam Gadang was a gift from the Queen of Netherlands. Interestingly, the clock uses the same machine as the one used by Big Ben.

5. Pagang Island

West Sumatera tourism stretches from the hills to the beaches. After witnessing the panoramic view of the hills, you can head for Pagang Island. White sandy beaches and crystal clear water make a great combination to chill. The blue water tempts you jump and see the underwater ecosystem that is even more amazing.

Pagang Island is home to colorful school fish and reefs. You can enjoy snorkeling or sun bathing while drinking fresh young coconut water provided by local vendors. What can be better than this experience?

6. Climb Marapi Mount

Marapi Mount or Gunung Marapi is one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia. It is a climber’s delight to visit and conquer the renowned Gunung Marapi. If you have ever climbed Mount Kerinci that is 12,484 feet high, Mount Marapi is like an easier game as it is only 9.485 feet.

Nevertheless, Mount Marapi gives you an adrenaline spike with its powerful wind, cold rain, and mud. You may need to take a guide as well as make enough preparation before climbing. Take your warm clothes as it can be chilly at night.

7. Mentawai Islands as the Icon of West Sumatera Tourism

Among other tourist destinations, Mentawai Islands may be the most popular in West Sumatera. Consisting of 70 or more islands, Mentawai is inhabited by the indigenous tribe known as Mentawai people. Despite they are already exposed by modernization, this local tribe chooses to preserve their culture by using traditional tattoo and sharpening teeth.

Mentawai Islands are surfers’ heaven. Surfers from around the globe come to feel the sensation of conquering the tide. Unfortunately, it is seriously not a place for beginners as Mentawai Islands have unforgiving waves. But if you are not a surfer, visiting Mentawai Islands allows you to enjoy diving or snorkeling.

8. Talawi Blue Lake

Whether you want to escape from the crowd and listen to the whisper of nature, you should head for Talawi. Especially on weekdays, the destination is rarely visited by tourists so that you can really enjoy the lonesome lake.

Despite Talawi is a man-made lake, it looks like a lake perfectly created by nature. The verdant hills on its surrounding indulges your eyes. Not to mention the clear blue water that makes Talawi a hidden gem in West Sumatera.

9. Pagaruyung Palace

Pagaruyung Palace is the royal palace of the former kingdom, Pagaruyung. The royal families lived in this place only until 1833. The palace which was made of timber has been destroyed by fire and the local government rebuilt the palace with concrete to make it more durable.

All in all, West Sumatera offers spectacular tourist destinations that stretch from the hills to the beaches. If you have visited Bali and Jakarta for so many times, it’s time to head for West Sumatera. Now that you know a number of places to visit, make your itinerary and book a flight to this province.

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